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Offcentered, the top architects in Chennai, turn your architectural dreams into reality. Our esteemed architectural firms in Chennai are dedicated to providing world-class service and a seamless, hassle-free experience. With Offcentered, you’re assured of innovative and sophisticated designs crafted by the best architects in Chennai. Let us transform your vision into stunning architecture that stands out. Experience excellence with Offcentered – the premier choice for architects and architectural firms in Chennai.

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What Can We Offer

Architectural Design

When a building has a good design, it gives people a chance to express themselves and to make their lives better.

Interior Design

We go all out to give you the most creative interiors which speaks comfort and style in a language which is known only by the heart.

Project Management

Over the years we have grown and learnt a lot. Today we offer you a service which is based on experience of multiple projects in Architecture designing and Interior designing.

Turnkey Contracting

Our turnkey contracting includes a start to finish job. We have an experienced and skilled contracting team with diverse specialisations to carry out every aspect of the job.

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    Creating a Concept

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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    Budget Planning

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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    Design Process

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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    Building Your Dream

    The interior design of your dream begins with a concept.

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Offcentered: Premier Architecture Firm in Chennai

Offcentered is a leading architecture firm in Chennai, uniting a team of passionate architects and designers. Our mission is to create spaces that are felt more than seen—places that are simple yet powerful and unique. We challenge conventional perceptions by identifying the true purpose of a space, rather than merely following traditional guidelines. We believe that good design enhances the surroundings of a client’s home or office, making them better, stronger, more beautiful, and more comfortable.

As the best architects in chennai, we specialize in building both commercial and residential spaces that reflect our brand values and culture. Our focus is on creating spaces that are not only functional and beautiful but also eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

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To Get Your Dream Home Designed by Expert Architects in Chennai!

At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.

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Are you looking for the top architectural firms in Chennai?

Your space evokes emotions in you and your guests. Whether residential or commercial, great architecture is identified by its design and the thoughtful process behind its creation. They connect you with everyone who comes into contact with you. They somehow become the extended version of who you are.

While choosing the right architects in Chennai for your home or work, make sure to select the top architects in Chennai. Experienced architects in Chennai understand the energy emitted by walls and spaces. They balance and harmonize the internal spirit of buildings with external demands such as site, climate, and culture. Moreover, they stay updated with the latest trends and innovations.

OFFCENTERED Architects in Chennai, with over a decade of experience in various architectural fields, boasts a team of hand-picked and highly qualified best interior designers in Chennai. They address all aspects of architectural design, including planning, space programming, and project management from start to finish. Let your spaces be managed by experts who deeply understand you and reflect this understanding in their designs.

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What People Say

We hired offcentered to make all our interior designs in our office spaces. Their team has worked on a total of 3 projects with us and every single one turned out to be completely satisfying.
Offcentered has an excellent team of architects that knew exactly what we wanted. They have us great advice in choosing designs and spatial planning.
I had a tight budget for my dream home. The architects at offcentered were able to deliver the perfectly designed house using quality materials. Choosing offcentered was a big win for me.
One of my close friends suggested offcentered to take care of my office building needs. Their team took care of everything from planning to interior design. Offcentered delivered the complete package in a professional manner.

Your Dream House

Original design project of high quality raises profit – this is proved in practice by many of our customers.
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