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Architects & Interior Designers Chennai

Office Architects and Interior Designers In Chennai understanding human needs which is the foundation of our creative process. Everything we do responds to the needs and aspirations of our cli...

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We give form and meaning to rooms, buildings, landscapes and cities . At every scale, we understand the flow of human activity that energizes the spaces we des...
We deliver fine personalized spaces and design each and every space customized to your feel and comfort. Why Choose Us?  We bring you ...
The unique collection of diverse works by us. Graphic design | Product Design | Lighting design | Visual Graphics | Why Choose Us?  We brin...

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In The Journey Of Life, By Taking The Path Of Architecture We Are In An Advantage Of Leaving Behind Frozen Ideas, Shaped To Serve Human Needs And Emotions. While Addressing Them, Dedication And Individuality Is Vital In Enriching The Power To Cast Everlasting Impressions. Young Minds Are Sure To Create Them. These Led To The Birth Of OFFCENTERED - A Concoction Of Young Minds, Talent, And Burning Desires To Achieve

To glorify great deals made by a small difference! Simply saying...


Creative, Loyal, Honest and Dedicated Staffs.

The procedure takes place by consecutive steps from understanding the brief, Site Analysis, conceptual development, schematic planning, and obtaining feedback and working out until delivering a satisfying output for the client.

Yes, we do provide you with options until your satisfying output is obtained.

Yes, we do take up construction through our dedicated sister concern “AGHRINAI CONTRACTING COMPANY”

Yes, we do supervise our projects to make sure what we design is executed on site.

Yes, we do handle Renovation/Extension/Conservation projects.

We are Specialized:
Leading Interior Designers In Chennai, Residential Architects In Chennai, Building Architects In Chennai, Best Interior Designers In Chennai, Top Interior Designers In Chennai, Residential Interior Designers In Chennai.

Yes of course, we do.


Because we deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative blending of human
need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.

We are specialized

In Understanding Human need which is the foundation of our creative process. Everything we do responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and our communities.


We have been shaping buildings and space, preserving nature’s values for about 10 years now. We measure our work by its contributions to the well-being of the users and the place.

Superior Quality

Science and art, success results from knowledge and intuition. our approach emphasizes this integrated design process.

Honest & Dependable

Honesty is the highest form of intimacy in a relationship, we believe.
"No legacy is as rich as honesty"
-William Shakespeare

Competitive Rates

"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."
-Dr.Ralf Speth, CEO, JAGUAR

Free Consultation

Feel free to approach us as we are open for all consultations and queries.


We create value for clients, users, communities and ourselves, creating lively, memorable and sustainable places for people.

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OFFCENTERED Architects and Interior Designers, Partnership firm of well qualified Architects "Balasubramanian and Karthik Raju" established design practice in Chennai in 2007. As a team with experience in varied fields of Architecture we provide services that address all aspects of Architectural Design including Planning, Project Management Space Programming and Interior Design.

"By asking for the impossible, obtain the best possible."


We have completed more than 825 projects across 35-plus Sites within Chennai about 80 other sites within the Tamilnadu and also 25 other sites within the India.

No. of hours worked: 24528 hours (3066days)
No. of projects handled: 825 plus.
No. of clients handled: 300 plus.
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